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Small size, big effect--portable Ipad docking station
Dec , 18 2019

With the development of technology, nowadays ultra-thin notebooks, 2 in 1 tablet computers, Ipad has become the first choice for most professionals. These products are not only light and portable, but also practical. However, they have a common disadvantage: there are few available interfaces, even only one Type-c interface. When the only Type-C port is occupied by the charging cable, there is no way to connect other equipment such as headphones, projectors, etc. This causes a lot of inconvenience for people who travel frequently. At this time, an appropriate portable docking station is needed. The BROWAY-iPad pro hub BD31135A designed for mobile terminals by Broway can solve this awkwardness perfectly.

BROWAY-iPad pro hub BD31135A

BROWAY-iPad pro hub BD31135A has expanded a 3.5mm international standard audio port , a high-definition video interface that can support up to 4K @ 60Hz resolution, and a PD charging port and USB port for iPad pro and other Type-C devices. With it, you can listen to music as you want, watch large-screen movies, and enjoy entertainment easily; connect the keyboard and projector anytime and anywhere. Plug and play, making work convenient and efficient .

BROWAY-iPad pro hub BD31135ABROWAY-iPad pro hub BD31135A

BROWAY-iPad pro hub BD31135A

In terms of appearance design, this product refers to the size and style of iPad pro, which is thin and small, and fits the body of  Pad perfectly. Considering the user ’s habit of using a protective case, plastic parts are used to increase the process, and increases the combination of the fixing parts in the tenon-and-mortise structure,  which makes the connection between the dock and the Pad more stable, reducing the chance of dropping the connection during shaking.

It is worth mentioning that before upgrading to iPad OS 13.2, the iPad was unable to connect with a mouse. After upgrading the system version, users who have always wanted to work with the iPad can use the keyboard and mouse like other tablets. This product of Broway can also be perfectly compatible.

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